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Agenda for the Legal Disruptors Conference

🇬🇧 Check the Agenda of the Legal Disruptors conference below. The registration starts at 8am & you can enjoy your breakfast. The conference starts at 8.45am. Legal Disruptors conference is divided into two parts.

Part one (8.45am – 10.45am)

  • Jaap Bosman: The 7 dimensions of successful lawyers

  • Charles Drayson: Exciting world of automation

  • Dmitry Bespalov: Technological fast wins for your legal team

  • Ilan Sherr: A path to creation of Aiscension, an award-winning compliance monitoring tool

  • Lucie Tvarůžková and Josef Donát: How digital & data driven can you become?

  • Adam Táborský: Mental health tips & tricks

Part two (11.10am – 1.10pm)

  • Tobias Ahlin: Design thinking for lawyers: How to live more in a creative & startup mindset

  • Mihai Rotaru: Democratization of justice through digitization

  • Ronald Hendrikx: Legal process management in international environment

  • Taťána Lysková (host), Hana Gawlasová and Jan Klouda: The future of the in-house legal function

  • Roman Žákovský: LinkedIn as a Business Tool

  • David Hanel: SPAC: An innovative way to raise capital

  • Alice Blazevic Namuli: An inspiration from rising markets: How to reshape the model of legal business in Africa

More information about speakers and conference Agenda is here.

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